Dana Gluckstein

Tribes in Transition Education Fund (TTEF), a nonprofit organization established in 2008, was designed to educate and raise awareness in support of Indigenous Peoples.

Dignity: Tribes in Transition which includes 60 black and white photographs is intended to inspire hearts and minds as a call to action in support of Indigenous rights. The black and white photography exhibition expresses the theme of “tribes in transition” by capturing the fleeting period of world history where traditional and contemporary cultures collide. Indigenous Peoples comprise approximately 6% of the world’s population and are amongst its most impoverished and oppressed inhabitants. The images include subjects from Australia, Bali, Bhutan, Botswana, Canada, Fiji, Haiti, Kenya, Mexico, Namibia, Peru, the United States, and Zambia. Gluckstein’s photographs succeed in distilling the universality of experience that links us all without diminishing the dignity of the individual. Whether photographing a Haitian healer or a San Bushmen chief, Gluckstein infuses each portrait with an essential human grace.

The exhibition is of international significance because the United States recently adopted the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the last country to do so.

Dignity: Tribes in Transition addresses the urgent need to advance the laws and standards to protect Indigenous Peoples cultures and livelihoods by continuing to advocate for full compliance of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. The declaration reaffirms the right of Indigenous Peoples to have meaningful control over their own lives, to maintain their distinct cultural identities, to live free from discrimination and the threat of genocide, and to have some secure access to the lands and resources essential to their well-being.