Hossein Martin Fazeli

Phoolan is a feature-length documentary exploring the untold true story of Phoolan Devi, one of the most extraordinary and controversial women of our times. How did a poor, young village girl – a victim of great injustice, rise above her seemingly immutable circumstances and transform herself into the ‘Bandit Queen’, a female Indian Robin Hood? And how did this notorious bandit leader, subject to one of the largest manhunts in Indian history, again transform herself, this time into one of the first low-caste women elected to India’s parliament? The film will weave together interviews with those who knew Phoolan best, dramatic reenactments, and never-seen-before archive to tell the stranger- than-fiction story of the infamous Bandit Queen. And by exploring Phoolan Devi’s life, we will examine conditions – including poverty, oppression, and sexual violence that affect many women in India and around the world.