Claudia Flores

The intention is for Vena-Cava to travel to Chemax, Yucatan with a group of committed volunteers to promote the overall health and self-care of the Indigenous Mayan women and their families.  Currently, Chemax is a fertile community without many essential resources to assist with its immediate need of proper health care and education. We firmly believe that service is a skill that ignites the subtle frequency between human beings, allowing for opportunities and experiences where we all can learn from each other, giving of our own personal wisdom and receiving the wisdom of those around us.

Vena-Cava intends to initiate this project in April of 2015, fundraising the total amount needed in preparation for the summer 2016 visit to the Mayan Communities to begin construction of the physical space. On that weekend we will meet the community and inaugurate the clinic.

In addition to these efforts, in the summer of 2015 Vena-Cava families intend to engage in service with the Mayan community, specifically children. This program is about promoting, integrating and experiencing service, family interaction, peace and empathy in relation to improving the quality of life and healthcare of the Indigenous peoples.

Yahualli Project is presented by VENA-CAVA

Vena-Cava provides strategic consulting and media services to enhance and elevate both the visibility and impact of causes and nonprofit initiatives. Through multidisciplinary teams we develop customized pro-active participation models that engage audiences and strengthen those working to address the humanitarian issues of our time.

We believe that peace as a state of being does not require a set of goals or achievements to be deserved or granted. Peace is in fact our own pure nature taking form in all expressions. This awareness brings a sense of liberation that motivates empathy and a pro-active state of participation. It is in this awareness that we commit to bring forward our collaborations.