Sasa Promo


Diane Namm

The SASAs film documents the evolution of Dr. Sasa, a young man from a village deep in the Burmese jungle, who walked out of his country at age 13, vowing to return as a doctor to rescue his people from illness, neglect, and death. And now he has.

The film illustrates his extraordinary efforts to affect change in a forgotten part of the world, founding the Health & Hope Society to assure a future for his people. This film hopes to accomplish the following:

Create awareness of the situation

Seek financial assistance and volunteers to support Sasa’s efforts

Inspire and motivate others to engage in social and creative activism – one person can make a difference

There is no other film quite like this, as the filmmaker has been granted access to remote areas of the jungle in order to obtain the footage.

To date, SASA (the 7-minute short) has been the Official Selection in a number of Film Festivals and was most recently awarded First Place Humanitarian Award; Special Jury Award and People’s Choice Award at the 2011 MY HERO Festival. Sasa screens this film at fundraising and informational events, specifically in the House of Lords of the UK Parliament in London.

Diane Namm plans to generate a long form film, based on several years of footage, to show the scope and volume of the obstacles Sasa has faced, the accomplishments so far, and the work left to do.

Filmmaker – writer/producer/director – and head of the Lady of the Canyon, ALL MEDIA, LLC, Diane Namm had the good fortune to meet Sasa upon his graduation from medical school in Armenia. When Diane, who was traveling with Lady Caroline Cox, Baroness of Queensbury and Sasa’s mentor, learned of the plight of Sasa’s people and of his unwavering determination to return to the jungle to train them, teach them, and rescue them, Diane knew it was a story that needed to be documented and shared with the world. It’s been Diane’s honor to be able to film him to date.