Christine Berg & Simon Shterenberg

Wonder Buffalo is you. She’s me. She’s everyone that has ever been misunderstood and mistreated but rose to the occasion to stand up for themselves against the odds. Wonder Buffalo is Ann. A pretty, fat Thai American girl. Constantly berated by her family for being stupid, lazy and fat. Bullied at school for being different. Her passion channeled into the imaginary. She loves games, flights of fantasy and super heroes. It doesn’t help that she is expected to be married off when she turns 18 to someone far older than her.

It’s as if nothing is expected of her but to marry the moment she’s old enough. But right now, on this specific day, she has enough of her mother and aunts picking on her and she decides to run away to a place where weirdos and freaks like her are always welcome. FantastiCon. The gathering place to all those who feel different than the norm, who enjoy being different. In FantastiCon she meets her favorite superhero Wonder Chick, a military veteran amputee cosplaying as the famous superhero. From this encounter Ann learns to love and accept herself for who she is and transforms from a child unable to defend herself to a woman strong enough to stand against the world and her arch nemesis, Mother. She emerges from the cocoon of her past into the superhero she really is, Wonder Buffalo, KAPOW! And together with new found friendships she embarks on her life journey that will have no end.