James Anaquad Kleinert

This project is an ongoing documentary series intended to empower the human spirit, mind, and body in a harmonious nature and to restore our diminishing wild horse population. The series is produced and directed by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker James Kleinert – Moving Cloud Productions – a multi-media organization that produces state of the art visual/audio programming. The dialogue in these documentaries addresses issues that affect us all.

James’ interest in documenting America’s wild horses began while working on his film Spirit Riders about the birth of an American Indian peace movement. Thinking some shots of wild horses would work well in showing how free and untamed the West once was, James filed a permit to tape a BLM “roundup.” Little did he know that he was walking into a modern day massacre of these incredible creatures. The violence James documented that day would change the course of his life and begin a 10-year journey into the making of several documentary films on the plight of America’s Wild Horses and our Western Public Lands.

James hopes these films will not only educate viewers about the disturbing, massive removal of our horses but inspire change to the future of these precious animals. The plight of the American Wild Horses serves as a powerful metaphor for what is occurring on so many levels of our society. That the American Wild Horse is fighting for its very existence is testimony to the fact that our country is facing environmental and economic crisis. As Michael Blake, author of Dances with Wolves, said about Wild Horses and Renegades, “This is not just a film about wild horses. This is a film about what is happening to America.”

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