David Zimmerman

My Next Breath focuses on a unique acting class in Hollywood. An extraordinary group of performers embark on an emotional adventure to create a film based on their lives. They bare their souls and act out their most personal stories. A collection of beautifully performed and filmed stories bound together in a celebration of life, love, laughter and tears, but most of all Ability. Almost five years ago we took a glimpse, and explore where we were, and where we wanted to be. This film will show where they are now, as well as ask the audience “Where are you now?” Now you take a breath. Did you just do what you wanted during that breath? Are you living your life the way you want to? Are you living it to the fullest? What does a group of artists, actors, performers, dancers, singers, people who might be differently abled have in common with you? Everything. This is a documentary with many levels. Including the similarities, differences, and how we relate to each other and ourselves.