Andrew Morgan

While the price of clothing has been decreasing for decades, the human and environmental costs have grown dramatically. It is the goal of this film to make those costs vividly clear as we explore how we got here, the global damage being done, and the hope filled prospect of choosing a different future. The film will feature interviews with top industry leaders from the international clothing industry, illuminating this complex dilemma. In addition to these professionals, the audience will get to see the human side of the issue as we take cameras around the world to capture the lives of garment workers and those affected by these issues every day. More then just underscoring the problem, this is an effort to highlight real solutions that every day people can take part in. Our goal is to impact consumer behavior that in turn impacts corporate and government policy decisions. The road we are on simply is not sustainable, but there is an opportunity here; a defining moment in history for us to set a new precedent for the future we will create.

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