Vanessa Contopulos, Alex Dausch, Michael Fryer & Talia Morales

Music weaves its way through every twist and turn of our journeys through life. The SongStream Project is rooted in the belief that creativity moves people in ways that statistics never will. Social change emerges and is strengthened as people engage with the humanity of another’s story. Music inspires stories and stories inspire music. SongStream’s role is to gather and share both. Music is a vehicle. It can take us across decades and continents in an instant. By being intentional about how music and stories help connect us to one another we highlight their capacity to move people, encourage curiosity and open up conversations. In a globalized world where social issues transcend traditional boundaries, we seek to use the ancient power of music and stories to shine a light on evolving and emerging challenges. Through audio documentaries, online presence and local activism we share stories of everyday people and weave the webs of relationships and ideas that inspire social change. The first show, ‘Voices of Autism’ explores the role of music in the lives of four young musicians on the autism spectrum and how it helps them share their amazing gifts with the world. The upcoming shows include a series focusing on resilience in the context of mental health, grief and addiction; an exploration of the rich tapestry of lullabies in San Diego in order to draw upon the universal wisdom and stories they cradle; the music, voices and stories of immigrant youth.   Everyone’s story is worth telling and every story is worthy of a song. 


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