Wendy Silvers

The Million Mamas Movement (MMM) is dedicated to empowering mothers, building healthy families and communities, and creating a culture of peace. It is a grassroots, global movement to inspire and engage mothers and others to unify and exercise their innate maternal power through advocacy to create policies and programs that provide freedom and safety for children. Who better to lead a global movement than those who mother? Mothering is universal – the qualities of nurturing, compassion, generosity are intrinsic to everyone – whether we are championing a child, a cause, an idea, a business, or a movement. Throughout the world mothers have these same desires for their children. “We, the mamas, resolve to evolve a world where every child is safe, fed, housed, clothed, loved, educated, and celebrated.”

Wendy Silvers, an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner under the mentorship of Michael Beckwith, founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center, was inspired to create the Million Mamas Movement after almost a decade of teaching compassionate parenting practices. She found that all parents have a deep concern for their children’s futures along with a collective desire for greater peace and justice around the world. As a mother, she felt it was time to mobilize mothers and others to come together and take a stand for peace with its roots in empathy and compassion.

Million Mamas Movement will accomplish these goals through providing advocacy, programs, Compassionate Communication Toolkits, creating policy, and MMMcouncils:

Million Mamas Council: an international alliance of peace emissaries

Million Mamas Circles: ongoing local circles that meet and address personal and global issues with a monthly tele-call with Wendy Silvers

Million Mamas Youth Council: an international youth group who will address issues that affect them and their future

Also, a Million Mamas Manifesto for women’s and children’s rights will be presented to world leaders.

Wendy was deeply inspired by Julia Ward Howe’s historical yet timely Mother’s Day proclamation to end the ravages of war. She was further inspired to expand on His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s declaration that, “Western women will save the world.” Wendy believes it is mothers and others who will transform our world, one mama at a time.

Thus, the Million Mamas Movement is committed to global transformation through creating an inclusive international alliance of mothers and others. Resolve to evolve a world of greater peace, where every child and person is safe, fed, housed, clothed, loved, educated, and celebrated. We hold strong the vision of a kind and just global society in which mamas and children have a safe and prosperous future.


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