David Chen

Poverty, world hunger, pollution, unsustainable resources, and warfare. Most people would be hard-pressed to believe that such issues could be eliminated within the next 50 years. But what if we could achieve such things within 30 years? Or even – 10 years. Symosphere is a project designed to help people realistically and systematically achieve global-scale changes within time-frames previously thought impossible. Such changes can only occur if all the people of the world unify, agree on what to do, and take coordinated action. However, given the world’s current communication systems, it would cost trillions of dollars to market ongoing educational materials to billions of people and coordinate unified action plans. Symosphere makes such an undertaking not only free, but extremely motivating for the public to partake in! It is a sophisticated software that unifies all people online and provides them with the tools to organize all the world’s information and collaborate as a single community for social change. As a reward for participating, the people receive drastically better information, unlimited social resources, and much greater power through collaborative forces. We are talking about integrating global-scale activism into a new and disruptive communication technology so personally rewarding that it ensures continuous global participation. Such a system can be launched within a year and can be expected to begin creating consistent global-scale changes within 2 to 3 years.

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