This project gallery represents the work of our network of creative activists including media produced by Creative Activist Program members, fiscal sponsees, and Creative Visions Productions. 

Through The Checkpoint

Through The Checkpoint

Katie Archibald-Woodward

Through the Checkpoint is a multimedia project that provides vision and voice to a life lived amidst occupation. The film serves in partnership with ongoing efforts to foster justice and peace for all those living in the Palestinian-Israeli region. It aims to do this by calling for equity, the end of human rights abuses, and the pursuit of a coexistence without occupation.

Through the Checkpoint uses still photography, video, audio, and text to provide literal and figurative examples of checkpoints to usher audiences into Palestinian and Jewish Israeli experiences. The film strives to provide the global community with a fuller picture of life in Israel and Palestine, as well as compel viewers to join movements to end the dehumanizing status quo and catalyze peace and equity for Palestinians and Jewish Israelis alike.

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