Susanna Spiccia

re:imagine ATL empowers young people from all walks of life by cultivating creative passions in film and music production.

Issues surrounding young adult populations are comprehensive and well-documented. Bullying, teenage pregnancy, education disparity, and drug/alcohol abuse are just a few examples. Many of these issues are major contributing factors in determining the future success of the individual and our nation as a whole. Film and music are two of the most influential industries shaping our world today. However, the messages they communicate are often degrading, dishonest, and demoralizing as well as disproportionately controlled by the dominant culture. re:imagine ATL is developing a diversified voice in music and film by empowering young people to deliver honest messages that can serve as a force for good. We desire to see a flourishing Atlanta with a vibrant, interdependent community where all people groups are equally valued, as young people become agents of change through our unique programs that foster empathy, real-world skills, storytelling, civic action, and creativity.  The organization has two existing programs: The Green Room Summer Camp, which is a curriculum that infuses film, entrepreneurship, and storytelling into a 5-day program that seeks to unleash the innate creative passion that lies within all young people, and re:imagine Studios, which provides year-round project-based classes and professional mentorship for youth ages 10-18 interested in film or music production.