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Andrei Jewell

The Holiwater Band is an off-shoot of the Holiwater Project, a public installation music / film work conceived and directed by photographer and video artist Andrei Jewell, that was developed in response to the plight of the sacred Ganges river of India–its rhythms, its beauty, its people, its meaning for humanity and, sadly, its rapid deterioration in the face of neglect and misunderstanding. 

The Holiwater Project focuses attention to the sustainable management of water.  Scarce and desecrated water resources the world over have become a 21st century global crisis–for the Earth, its ecosystems and its citizens. The documentary tells the story of two Indian mystics who journey in search of a missing son to find that the River Ganges is dying. Friendship, bonding, memory and loss evoke in this real-life film the current state of the earth's most precious resource: water.

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