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Laddie: The Man Behind the Movies

Amanda Ladd-Jones

Laddie is the story of film legend Alan Ladd Jr.’s career, told by his friends, seen through the prism of his daughter Amanda’s, perspective. Known for making risky choices and betting on talent, Laddie created opportunities for women and minorities both in front of and behind the camera. During his decades-long career, Laddie worked with some of the most iconic filmmakers, helping to bring to life some of the most influential films of our time. Never one to thought his achievements and rarely agreeing to interviews, Laddie, now approaching his sixth decade of moviemaking, reveals the inside story behind his mammoth success.

Through a series of conversations initiated by Laddie’s daughter, we gain access to Laddie and an illustrious cast of Hollywood professionals; hear their stories in their voices, about Laddie—the most influential movie mogul you’ve never heard of…but won’t soon forget.

Told by a star-studded cast including the highly private Ladd himself, Laddie offers an exclusive inside look at the story of a quiet, unassuming everyman whose intelligence, kindness, head for business, and unflagging faith in the people he hired turned him into one of the most astronomically successful and prolific movie moguls in history.

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