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Living On One

Zach Ingrasci & Chris Temple

From living in a tent in a Syrian refugee camp to working as radish farmers and surviving on one dollar a day in Guatemala, Chris Temple and Zach Ingrasci are pioneering a new style of documentary filmmaking, using immersive storytelling to raise awareness and inspire action around pressing global issues.

Zach and Chris produced, directed, and starred in their first film, Living on One Dollar, which shot to #1 on iTunes for documentaries and won multiple awards at international film festivals. Their newest film, Salam Neighbor, provides an in-depth perspective into the daily hardships and hopes of Syrian refugees.

Their work so far has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for sustainable poverty alleviation and awareness that directly supports micro-finance, education scholarships, and refugee services in Guatemala and around the world. The two bring a unique development perspective to their films having, combined, worked for five different micro-finance organizations including Deloitte Consulting and Global Health Strategies.

Since graduating from Claremont McKenna College in 2012, they have given speeches at the United Nations, TEDx Buenos Aires and over 50 universities, high schools, and conferences. They have appeared onCBS This Morning with Charlie Rose, Beast TV, and Huffpost Live and their work has been featured in major international publications including the Associated Press, The Huffington Post and Variety.

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