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Salam Neighbor

Zach Ingrasci & Chris Temple

This is a critical moment, with more refugees today than anytime in the last century. More than 4.8 million people have fled Syria alone to escape the atrocities of war. Right now, we are at risk of losing a generation of youth, further destabilizing the region, and perpetuating a cycle of violence and poverty.

Salam Neighbor is an award-winning feature documentary and campaign to connect the world to refugees. The goal is to tell the stories of our refugee neighbors with the dignity they deserve and the depth the world needs. 

In an effort to better understand refugee life, filmmakers Zach and Chris spent one month living alongside displaced families in the Za’atari refugee camp. As the first filmmakers ever allowed by the United Nations to be given a tent and registered inside a refugee camp, they were able to get a never before seen look into the world’s most pressing crisis. Their experience uncovered overwhelming trauma but also the untapped potential our uprooted neighbors posses. 

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