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Tuning the Student Mind

Molly Beauregard & Chelsea Richer

In 2011, Molly Beauregard, a sociology professor at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, offered a groundbreaking new course: “Consciousness, Creativity and Identity”. Rooted in the academic literature of identity studies, Beauregard’s class was unique in offering students the chance to experience meditation first-hand. Alongside a traditional and rigorous syllabus, her course also integrated silence and reflection, providing students not only with an introduction to the discipline, but an opportunity to learn for the sake of self-discovery. The results were transformative.

In a 30-minute documentary that follows the journey of three students enrolled in Beauregard’s course, audiences witness the impact of her innovative, first-of-its-kind curriculum. Through the subjects’ personal stories, moments in the classroom, and nuanced interviews, the film illustrates how the Tuning the Student Mind approach creates not only good scholars, but also students who develop deep, self-reflective awareness and a sense of inner potential. As the narrative unfolds, we understand how Beauregard’s bold and unconventional approach to identity studies teaches students new methods of inquiry, pushing them to ignite their own creativity and imagination.

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