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Stories of Syria

Andrew Kimmel

After 6 years of war, more than 13 million Syrian people are displaced, resulting in the worst humanitarian crisis of our time. Caught between the crosshairs of their own government, foreign superpowers and terrorist factions, the Syrian people were forced to make dangerous journeys out of their country, only to be faced with persecution by many of the people and governments they looked to for safety in neighboring countries.

Stories of Syria is a collection of true first-person interviews with Syrian refugees who have made it to the United States. The project focuses on dispelling the myths and stereotypes associated with the Syrian people, as well as the stigma surrounding refugees in general. Through personal stories and direct-to-camera interaction, Stories of Syria creates a connection that humanizes the victims of this on-going crisis and instills a sense of empathy and understanding to a diverse and courageous people who have risked everything to get here. 

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