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Climate Uprising

Climate Uprising

Nirvan Mullick

#ClimateUprising is a growing global call for climate action, powered by stories of real people already impacted by the climate crisis. We began in November of 2018, after a climate-fueled wildfire in California destroyed the town of Paradise - taking 86 lives, burning 14,000 homes, and displacing over 52,000 people. With the belief that Paradise can be to Climate Change what arkland was to Gun Reform, we began working with the community to help them build a #ClimateUprising movement and platform for more members of the community to call for climate action. We crowdfunded a trip to D.C. for a group of wildfire survivors for climate action, and set up meetings with the group and Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Bill McKibben, the Sunrise Movement and more. We will be following the story of this community to the 2020 election to see if they continue to elect a climate denier for Congress, or have a climate awakening. As climate fueled wildfires increase in frequency and ferocity, climate scientists warn we have just 10-12 years before catastrophic climate change becomes irreversible. We must rise before the sea. Join our bipartisan call for climate action.

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