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The Burning

The Burning

Isabella Alexander

On the other side of the European border, there is another migrant and refugee crisis unfolding. Hidden in the forest camps of northern Morocco, only miles from Spain, there is a rapidly expanding population of men, women, and children struggling to survive. Morocco has long been a primary crossing point for the hundreds of thousands of Africans fleeing war and poverty every year.

According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, all citizens of the world are guaranteed this right to flee and seek refuge in other countries. But the European Union is overwhelmed with the number of refugees arriving, and away from the attention of global media, they have been quietly working to mold Morocco into a final destination for all African migrations north.

This character-driven documentary follows the journeys of refugees Moses, Yasmine, and a boy called Bambino, inviting you inside the never-before-seen forest camps, detention centers, and sprawling slums of Morocco that they call home. Beaten back by Spanish guards at every border and lacking the resources to return home, those who have burned their pasts in hopes of a better future now find themselves trapped only miles from their dream.

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