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Refugee Stories

Refugee Stories

Kate Lord

Sein Win, Pree Paw and their three daughters were forced to flee Burma due to ethnic conflict and persecution, and resettled in Oakland, California, 5 years ago. From their beginnings in Burma, to their journey to Oakland as refugees and their integration into U.S. society, Refugee Stories will highlight challenges the family has faced, help they’ve received, and the incredible contributions they are now making to their community in Oakland.

Only five years after their arrival, family members now contribute in significant ways to their community. Sein Win, the father, works as a Community Navigator for Refugee Transitions, a nonprofit organization, where he translates and assists newly-arrived Karen. The eldest daughter, Paw, serves as a star peer tutor in the high school after-school program, helping to provide academic and social support to newly-arrived newcomer students. She is a true example of youth leadership.

As Pree Paw studies for citizenship, Sein Win assists newcomers, and all three girls work through school, their story provides an example of the positive contributions refugees make to American society.

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