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Doin' My Drugs

Tyler Rosen

Doin' My Drugs is an emotionally charged, inspiring 90 minute documentary intended to raise awareness about the ongoing HIV/AIDS epidemic in Zambia, and the developing world.

The film follows the personal transformation of musician Thomas Muchimba Buttenschøn, born HIV+ in Zambia in 1985 to a Zambian mother and Danish father, from his early treatment, the loss of both parents to AIDS, his own near death experience, his rise as a pop star in Denmark, to his passionate crusade to eliminate the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS.

Recognizing that his native Zambia remains trapped in a horrific and senseless AIDS crisis – 16% of the population is infected with HIV, while many antiretroviral drug treatment programs which keep the virus dormant are widely available though government programs for free -- Thomas is inspired to use his music and his personal story of survival and triumph to confront the stigma and prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS once and for all… beginning in Zambia, with the expanding goal of spreading the message across the globe. Can songs save the world? For Thomas, the answer is yes…

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