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Danielle Bernstein 

Homemade is a feature length documentary and multi-media outreach project that explores the invisible wounds of war and the stigmas surrounding behavioral health in the military through combat veterans' most intimate relationships.

Adam Sorensen, a decorated Force Reconnaissance Marine, is struck by an Improvised Explosive Device in 2010 in Afghanistan. Shortly after the blast, Adam returns home with a Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress. Despite his injuries, Adam graduates Officer Candidacy School as an honor graduate breaking several leadership and obstacle course records. Adam and his wife, Victoria, relocate to Adam’s hometown of Salt Lake City, where he begins a new and more civilian life as a student, husband and son. Soon, short-term memory loss, anxiety and addiction infiltrate Adam’s daily life; affect his grades, reputation in the military and marriage. After three suicide scares, six hospitalizations, and one jail sentence, Adam and Victoria finalize their divorce. As the two independently seek wellness, they reveal their determination to heal from invisible wounds and disease.

The goal of Homemade is to create a film that bridges the empathy gap between military and civilian populations. We will highlight and amplify the work already being done by organizations that work through domestic needs, research, policy, employment opportunities, the arts, and alternative therapy.

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