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Hazem Farraj & Alexandra Ryan

Al’Amriki (The American) is a docu-series which follows Hazem Farraj as he explores the roots of radical Islamic terrorism through his own personal experience at the hands of religious aggression.

The series follows a young Iraqi girl as as she bravely comes to the US to share her harrowing account of being abducted by an American Jihadist, and plead to the US for them to intervene. Farraj sets out to locate the American Jihadist who abducted her.

In the spirit of you save one life, you save the world, can we hold this one man accountable and collectively come to understand the appeal of this dark phenomenon of radical extremism? Inspired by investigative doc series like The Jinx, but with human rights as it’s core intent, this film will employ social media and galvanize the public to help track Amriki and spark a national conversation about this global crisis.

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