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Lindsay Van Dyke 

Most documentaries that address immigration in the United States look at undocumented immigration. Guest investigates an under-explored aspect: the legal Guestworker program. 

The U.S Guestworker Visa program has roots dating back to the Bracero program, which ran from 1942-1964 to fill labor gaps in U.S agriculture. The H2 Guestworker Program was implemented around the same time, but was revised into two divisions in 1986; H2-A for agriculture, and H2-B for other temporary work including construction, steel working, hotel service, and seafood processing among other “low skilled” jobs.   Each year the program brings in about 100,000 workers from around the world into the U.S.

Guest is a documentary film that will tell the complex stories behind the current Guestworker program as told by the real people it affects every day.

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