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A Child's Guide to War

Susan Hackley

Child’s Guide to War is a documentary film and educational project that will show the impact of war on America’s children and families and inspire better, more informed discussions about how war affects us all, civilians and military alike. Though nearly two million American children have a parent who has been to war, most Americans have no connection to the military. While respect for the military is high, real knowledge is lacking.

The media have focused on the struggles of soldiers and veterans, but very little has been said about how war affects the people who love those soldiers. The subject is current, underreported and extremely important.

A Child’s Guide to War was launched in 2013 with the goal of broadening Americans’ discussions about war. Originally founded by the mother of an American combat veteran, the team has since expanded to include respected film makers, community leaders, and veteran family members. The focus is to bridge the military-civilian divide by engaging veterans, political leaders, educators, medical experts, and American youth in discussions about how military families experience war.

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