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Yasmin Hed

“Ipi N’Tombi,” a musical that premiered in the 1970’s in South Africa, shares a central theme that focuses on the triumph of the human spirit. We’ll discover the similarities between the Zulu dance styles in “Ipi N’Tombi” and today’s dance styles such as Shangaan electro, krumping, vogueing and break beat that came to birth on South African streets since the musical’s premiere. Bertha Godfrey and her daughter Gail Lakier wrote the musical “Ipi N’Tombi” inspired by the story of a man’s quest for a better life. 

Dansa showcases this musical through the stories of the few living dancers currently in California, Cape Town and Johannesburg.  Through their interviews, the filmmakers focus on the birth of arts in Sophiatown and Bertha Godfrey’s impact on theater and dance in South Africa. The film shows the brutality that came with apartheid to allow the audience to understand how the music and dance became so powerful and vital to the dancers lives.  

Yasmin Hed's initiative as a director is to show the universal connection to the power of dance. Since it hasn’t been shown for twenty years, her intention is to bring this musical back to the streets in a whole new light, filming the dancers in actual locations that inspired this musical. 


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