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Give Up Tomorrow

Michael Collins

Give Up Tomorrow is an award winning documentary feature film that has achieved significant real world impact since its release in 2011, helping to raise awareness of how the film’s subject Paco Larranaga has paid for a crime he did not commit. The film engagingly dramatizes the extraordinary miscarriage of justice that his case represents.

Thanks to the film’s vigorous activist media campaign, Free Paco Now, Paco’s release on parole in Spain is now imminent. Going beyond the specifics of Paco’s case to shed light on the precarious state of human rights in the Philippines today, the film generates an emotional response to the tragic human consequences of the country’s broken justice system, in which so many other individuals remain caught. It contributes to and energizes general global human rights conversations about the importance of justice for citizens throughout the world, including within the United States.

Using the internet as its platform, the filmmakers are excited to present a further dimension to Give Up Tomorrow, the film that stems organically from the documentary and that is designed to generate meaningful and deep longitudinal impact. Provisionally entitled Upstream Justice, this project’s specially designed transmedia is drawn from the documentary’s 400 hours of footage to help contribute to systemic change within the very broken justice system on which the film is based.

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