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Addiction Warriors

Addiction Warriors

Mark Ehrenkranz

Addiction Warriors is a contemporary documentary series and roadshow chronicling the history of the age-old innate desire to alter one’s state, the phenomenon of wanting, and then the inevitable brain alterations which render cravings and then need. This doc series will consolidate and stylishly uncover the causes, cutting-edge research, and treatment of addiction from a street savvy point of view. The value of one addict helping another is unparalleled. The creation and execution of this content will directly appeal to audiences via a deeply seated connection. The material will be developed by recovering addicts with longtime sobriety, doctors, treatment professionals, crusaders, recovering families, and other experts in the field. Everyone, especially parents, teachers, and employers need to know the truth if discussions are to be productive. Taboo subjects must be explored in addition to living life with a positive ferocity. The opportunity exists to launch this as 6-12x30 series featuring a championing “Warrior” each time and the topic they are expert in. Additional seasons might expand to: food, work, gambling, sex, shopping, exercise, eating disorders, body enhancements, etc. An ongoing roadshow and an outreach mission will accompany the programming as grassroots activation to help others.

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