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TrueLove: The Film

Phil Viardo

TrueLove: The Film will give viewers a glimpse of what it's like to experience life through the eyes of Callie Truelove, a 17-year-old girl from Georgia who has Williams syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that gives her the superpower of LOVE!

Rooted in a deletion of a number of specific genes in chromosome #7, this condition often causes devastating physical and cognitive complications, but it also has some near-miraculous side effects. Callie always finds a way to only see the good in the world and in things and people around her! This unburdened outlook on life comes from the heart of this angelic girl who touches lives of everyone that she encounters by either warming their day or making them smile to changing their lives forever.

This film will chronicle Callie's journey as she spreads the love by meeting other special people with Williams syndrome and in the process teach the world about kindness, spread awareness of the condition and change some lives in the process!

In a hectic world full of endless negativity and vanity, the documentary film TRUELOVE just may be the antidote.

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