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The Cuban Dream

The Cuban Dream

Luke Salas

The Cuban Dream is a feature length documentary that takes viewers to the country of Cuba, following the journey of Cuban American baseball player Luke Salas. Luke sets out to use baseball as a way to connect the people of Cuba with the people of the United States by playing in La Serie Nacional – Cuba’s version of Major League Baseball.

Since Fidel Castro seized power, no foreigner, let alone American, has played in Cuba’s system of baseball since 1961. Through the lens of baseball, the film captures the reality and truth of Cuba, exposing the struggle of the Cuban people – specifically, the difficulty that Cubans are faced with everyday known as “La Lucha”. The Cuban Dream is a testament to the power of the human spirit, while recognizing the reality of Cuba’s vast political and social issues; and the stifling effect they have on the development of Cuba’s future generations.

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