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Awakening GIANTS

Awakening GIANTS

Spryte Loriano and Robin Bersson

AwakeningGIANTS is pioneering a new brand of Reality TV to inspire exponential Conscious Leadership, Community and Contribution and positively impact 88 million lives worldwide. Filmed as a docu-reality TV series, AwakeningGIANTS follows 100 changemakers (the GIANTS) across four continents as they stretch the boundaries of their own human potential while positively transforming our world. Courage, Compassion, and Commitment are the themes played out in each exotic, beautiful location that the backdrop for a 7 to 14 day adventure of a lifetime for these social entrepreneurs. Transformation, community-building, collaboration, cultural awareness, and humanitarian service play major roles in this positively produced unscripted space, docu-reality TV series. Your Donation not only supports a conscious reality show but connects you to a growing engaged community of positive Influencer's worldwide!

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