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Accompagnateur Workshops

Accompagnateur Workshops

Saskia Keeley

Youth, women, and men of marginalized communities can be silenced by circumstance and society. Through exercises, supportive conversations, and the lens of the camera, we are better able to see others, as well as ourselves.

Saskia Keeley is a documentary photographer and counselor who combines the camera and conversation to enable people to better see themselves and others. Accompagnateur Workshops support people as they come to terms with the past, embrace the present, and articulate a vision for the future. Participants unpack decades of fear and bias through the simple yet profound acts of looking and listening. They develop skills and experiment with individual styles of storytelling.

Saskia works with NGOs including Roots and Taghyeer in the West Bank, pairing Israeli Settlers with Palestinian women. She works within divided communities, collaborating with NGOs including Pico Union Project in Los Angeles and S.T.R.O.N.G Youth on Long Island. In partnership with Women’s Prison Association and Friends of Island Academy in New York City, we support young systems-involved men and women to see that the circumstances of their past need not dictate their future. Saskia also partners with humanitarian organizations to document their valuable work to share with donors and towards fundraising. Her clients include Leaders’ Quest (India); the END Fund/Amani Global Works (Democratic Republic of the Congo); Roots and Taghyeer (West Bank), and We Love Reading (Jordan).

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