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Reality Check Live

Reality Check Live

Cary Harrison 

It was no mistake that former President Obama challenged Cary Harrison to “do something to make a difference on today’s radio”. Using evidence-based news gathering, Harrison's RealityCheckr (Pacifica Network) is a ‘fake news clinic’ to prevent ‘truth decay’ and heal the social rifts of bigotry, inequality, and xenophobia using fact-based critical thinking. As a former news director, Cary Harrison created “Reality Bites”— satirical sound vignettes as the antidote to double-speak pop culture or political stories. Predictably, these thrust his Rock-n-Roll morning show into first place and the features (later called “Reality Checks”) onto CBS radio and into national syndication. Still skillfully deploying humor, Cary maneuvers in the vein of serious investigative journalism while coaxing the best from celebrities and political thinkers.

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