This project gallery represents the work of our network of creative activists including media produced by Creative Activist Program members, fiscal sponsees, and Creative Visions Productions. 

The Institute of Black Imagination

The Institute of Black Imagination

Dario Calmese

The Institute of Black Imagination (IBI) Podcast is designed to bring you conversations from The Pool of Black Genius: a collection of iconoclasts at the leading edge of cultural thought and innovation. More than anything, IBI is here to inspire, engage, and to help you unleash your own imagination.

Representative Episodes Include:

- TJ Walker, co-founder of the pioneering streetwear brand, Cross Colours.

- Dr. Mabel O. Wilson, architect, designer, and scholar. - Casey Gerald, Author of "There Will Be No Miracles Here".

- Dr. Courtney Cogburn, psychologist and racial immersion VR developer.

- Kerby Jean-Raymond, founder of the fashion brand, Pyer Moss.

- Renee Cox, provocative artist and photographer.

- André Leon Talley- titan of American fashion.

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