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Evgeny Afineevsky

FRANCESCO is the third documentary of Oscar-nominated director Evgeny Afineevsky, and the last chapter of his trilogy. It is a search for hope, humanity, compassion, unity and redemption inside the darkness of our times.

The vivid sense of community and religious unity portrayed in WINTER ON FIRE lives on its own, inspiring millions of people in Brazil and Venezuela. While today's younger generation searches for leadership in turbulent times, the older generation is equally lost in uncertainty and struggles to offer a solution to the cruel, current state of the world. With the rise of totalitarian regimes, ongoing refugee crisis, catastrophic climate events, growing division within countries and seeming loss of a global moral compass, there seems to be an unquestionable need for this film. By depicting a portrait of Pope Francis through the eyes of the witnesses of his words and actions, we strive to illuminate his positive and extraordinary principles. With his message of inclusion, pietas and brotherhood, The Pontifex is overcoming social, political and religious boundaries, and reaching into the soul of all human beings by inspiring, educating and spreading LOVE above all else. As the Holy Book writes, man who has repented his sins is holier than a man who has never sinned at all. We will expand on this idea using a variety of testimonies from refugees, prisoners, and ordinary people whose hearts were touched and lives were changed after meeting him.

We will also interview political and religious leaders who have built durable and constructive relationships with Pope Francis, such as The British Royal Family, Michelle and Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, Rabbi Abraham Skorka, Sheikh Omar Abboud, and many others. Pope Francis' outstanding and timeless teachings should be available to all human beings who are willing to listen, learn, and seek to create lasting positive change, regardless of their cultural background, religion, or philosophy.

FRANCISCO DOCET aims to translate the Holy Father's humility, remarkable ethics, boundless wisdom and infinite compassion in the unique and universal language of cinema.

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