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TALIBE - The Least Favored Children Of Senegal

Daniela Kon

The important tradition of Islamic education in Senegal has been left to develop in disturbingly perverted ways. 50,000 Koranic students called Talibes, young boys between 4 and 15 years old, are subjected to exploitation in conditions akin to slavery. They are forced to beg on the streets by their teachers and suffer physical abuse and neglect. Following the staff of local non-profit La Maison de la Gare (MDG), in their efforts to combat this, TALIBE - The Least Favored Children of Senegal, produced by DEEDA, sets out on a poetic exploration of the nature and circumstances that breed and prolong the suffering of the children.

DEEDA is a documentary production company and impact agency working to advance human rights, humanitarian aid and global development.  They produce, distribute, and catalyze social impact media and provide advocacy and consulting services to filmmakers, activists, and international organizations aiming to maximize responsible impact. Through the OPS division, DEEDA invests directly into humanitarian grassroots initiatives, providing project and communications support for campaigns and local development programs.

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