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The Convergence

Emily Rose Laochua

The Convergence graphic novel series is a science fiction dystopia. It tells the story of a dying earth and the dark covenant that the last civilization acceded to for survival. The social contract is disrupted when a prophecy is triggered which can heal the dying earth. Book 1 was released this past June with 7 more episodic books coming monthly in 2016.

The Convergence uses new storytelling technology and is available through the Madefire app as a motion book. Motion Books, unlike 2D comics, use sound, effects and movement to enhance storytelling and can be dowloaded on most mobile devices and on Apple TV.

The Convergence is a socially-driven graphic novel with a portion of the proceeds going towards organizations that help animals and rainforests affected by the palm oil trade. In addition, the author hopes to use the book to create a community of storytellers, artists and activists who can educate the public on the negative global impacts of the palm oil industry.

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