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Bush Warriors

Dori Gurwitz

Bush Warriors is a global voice for wildlife, fighting to end poaching and illegal wildlife trade.

The purpose is to create global awareness about the devastating effects that wildlife poaching and bushmeat have on the remaining wildlife populations and the communities that coexist with these species. Some of the world’s most popular animals – elephants, rhinoceroses, tigers, lions, and dolphins – are on the brink of extinction. At the current poaching rate, these species are estimated to permanently disappear from their natural habitat within the next 20 years. Some, such as Central African Elephants, could be gone in less than 3 years.

This war on wildlife can be stopped when enough people in the world stand up and demand it to come to an end immediately. In order for this to happen, more need to know about the devastating impacts that wildlife poaching, animal trafficking, and the bushmeat trade are having on the world’s last remaining wildlife populations and the communities that co-exist with these species. It is public outcry and action about these issues that will force change and save earth’s biodiversity. 

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