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Ann Haggart represents just that–the chance to buy a year of life. The chance for one human being to celebrate a birthday, to feel the rain on their face, to hear music, to see their children grow another year. For an HIV positive individual in Africa, a year of medicine, a year of life, costs $300. Medicine is the entry point–but the chance to help in incremental amounts exists on all levels–a year of seeds, a year of school tuition, a year of water. The premise is simple–the needs are endless. But not insurmountable.

With direct assistance to Kihefo, provides an accessible solution to provide immediate aid for malnourished children and people of all ages suffering from diseases such as malaria and AIDS–with one click. Through Kickstarter type initiatives, micro-gifting, and micro-lending, direct aid will reach Uganda, while at the same time building a following of like-minded individuals. In addition to donations, sets forth to enhance local industry and create sustainable revenue through creation of a distribution channel for goods created by the people of KIHEFO. will make use of all forms of traditional and new media to tell the story of Kihefo and build a community with a collective power to highlight causes and in small ways, change the world around us.

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