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Invisible Children

Jason Russell

At a time when millions around the world are celebrating historic advances in “global connectivity,” entire populations in hidden corners of our world are being left behind -- and the consequences are dire.

Tens of thousands of families living in severely isolated places like central Africa face the daily threat of violence from rebel groups, wildlife poachers, and other criminal trafficking networks. Without basic protection and communications systems, these communities are disconnected from each other and the outside world. When faced with deadly violence and exploitation, they have no way to warn each other; no way to call for help. Cut off from the systems of power that decide what our world hears and how we decide what matters, the injustices that they face–and their ideas for how to end them–are too easily ignored.

Invisible Children partners with dedicated community leaders on innovative programs that empower local communities to protect each other from violence, heal from trauma, and demand justice from their leaders.

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