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One of the Tribe

Zoe Tryon

Guided by the understanding that we are all part of one human tribe, One of the Tribe funds and supports tribe-driven health, education and economic capacity building projects through the use of film, photography, books and art to raise awareness about indigenous issues, foster environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility, and inspire people everywhere to be one of the tribe. 

Having grown up in the rather tame wilds of the English countryside, Zoe Tryon, founder and project director of One of the Tribe, has always had a passion for wild places. Zoe suspected that indigenous people may have had a better idea of how to be truly happy and how to live in relationship with nature. Inspired by wild places and indigenous peoples, Zoe hopes that even in a small way, One of the Tribe will benefit this and all future generations, flora and fauna of our world.

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