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Taming Your Anger

Dr. Steve Wolf

The Taming Your Anger Program was originally developed for extremely angry and violent men on parole. It was then taught to inmates in L.A’s Women’s Prison and Juveniles on Probation who wanted to learn to better control themselves, to avoid further incarceration. It has since been taught to a wide variety of audiences, including veterans groups, USC dental students, even as curriculum in a Los Angeles Continuation High School to inner city youth and in Dr. Wolf’s private therapy practice with men, women and teens.

Taming Your Anger for At-Risk Teens focuses its attention on reducing violence and increasing emotional intelligence as a basic curriculum in modern education. Taming Your Anger also solicits programs, corporations, and schools that have interest in training their HR staff to teach this method to their clients, employees, and families. On another level, the program strives for funding to train and certify trainers who will then have a marketable skill to work entrepreneurially and to teach the program in schools, corporations, and other community venues.

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