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Acacia Moyo - Where Tradition Meets Technology

Acacia Moyo - Where Tradition Meets Technology

Kenny Mann

If you are a Maasai in Kitengela, near Nairobi, Kenya, you may spend your days herding your livestock on the rolling plains, peacefully wandering amid zebra, wildebeest, ostrich, warthog, giraffes, monkeys and many other animals.  During the day, you are safe; but at night, your livestock may fall prey to predators like lions or leopards.  You can see the towering skyline of the city on the horizon – and every day, it seems to have moved a few steps forward, roaring, like a lion proclaiming its territory.  The plains that you love are diminishing.  Your cattle, sheep and goats are losing grazing land every day.  Tomorrow, a family might be forced to sell off a piece of their land simply to make ends meet.  Soon, a new landowner from the city has built a house there and fenced in the land.  Now there is less grazing for your livestock, and less for the wildlife, and the fences cause havoc to the seasonal migratory routes of the wildebeest. You are in despair, because your traditional lifestyle, your land, your livestock, your very survival - the harmony of your environment - is threatened.  You’re thinking about leaving to seek work in the city – but you have heard horror stories about that option, and with no marketable skills, you will end up as a night watchman for two dollars a week.  If only you didn’t have to sell your land!  That would solve so many problems.   

Acacia Moyo is a non-profit organization founded to prevent the sale of Maasai land in Kitengela by working alongside the community to develop sustainable, income-producing activities. These will build earning power by marketing skills and products as an alternative to land sales, allowing members to maintain their traditions and culture while equipped for life in the 21st century.

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