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Green the Industry

Green the Industry

Aaron Ableman

Green The Industry is galvanizing a massive entertainment industry coalition to demand action on the climate emergency. By activating a transformation akin to “Me Too” for the planet, Green The Industry is here to show that movies, television and media of all kinds can be profitable while caring for the earth. Through 5 key areas of impact – 1) Water 2) Forests 3) Food 4) Energy and 5) Money – the initiative is asking for guilds, agencies, talent and studios to prioritize and partner with community groups, indigenous tribes and other pioneering conservation organizations in delivering the solutions the world needs more than ever. The campaign supports an economically-viable shift in the environmental footprint behind productions and is helping fortify a new rubric for success in this industry. Not only do they need new ways of producing content but they need new stories that meet the calls of the changing world.

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