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Net Effects Traders

Net Effects Traders

Ardice Farrow

NET Effects Traders is the delightful union of great products with great purpose coming together to make one great company. NET Effects is an international team of high energy entrepreneurial women who share a vision to bring fun, fabulously-designed, carefully-crafted, fashion-conscious handbags and totes to savvy shoppers and international markets. At the same time NET Effects champions sustainable and positive change for the disenfranchised of Cambodia. Through fair trade socially conscious business NET Effects provides quality training, great work environments, good wages, dignity and economic freedom. As part of a commitment to “zero waste”, NET Effects repurposes remnants and end pieces of agricultural and industrial netting creating bags and totes in trending seasonal colors. Colors range from sophisticated and time honored blacks, browns and grays to the most current fashion shades. NET Effects is all about creating unique bags and totes that can add style and flair to any woman’s closet or bring sleek and practical style to any man while transforming the lives of women in Cambodia.

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