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Both Ends of the Gun - The Tariq Khamisa Foundation

Both Ends of the Gun - The Tariq Khamisa Foundation

Both Ends Of The Gun charts one father’s journey from murder to forgiveness.

In 1995, twenty year-old college student Tariq Khamisa was gunned down by fourteen year-old gang member Tony Hicks. What could have just been the end of two young lives instead became a national movement to end youth-on-youth violence because the murder victim’s father saw victims at both ends of the gun. Thoughts of revenge against his son’s murderer didn’t bring Azim Khamisa any peace. But what if instead Azim were to become a foe of the societal forces that paved the way for the child to become a murderer?

Thus the Tariq Khamisa Foundation (TKF) was born. Its mission: to turn Tariq’s death into a force for good by finding ways to protect other children and their families from suffering a similar fate. Saving these kids became Azim’s life’s purpose. Tony Hicks became the first child in California to be convicted and sentenced as an adult, getting twenty-five years to life. Upon meeting Tony’s grandfather, Azim discovered a religious man not unlike himself. Despite Ples Felix being an African-American Christian and Azim a Muslim of Middle Eastern descent, the two became fast friends. Azim said, “Help me carry my burden and I will help you carry yours.” Together they have now taught their non-violence training to over five million kids all over the country. Azim tells students, “This man’s grandson killed my son, yet we are as close as brothers.”

Azim has forgiven Tony, visited him in prison and campaigns for his early release. When Tony gets out, Azim has even promised him a job with the TKF. This film celebrates the memory of Tariq Khamisa by sharing Azim’s message of non-violence and forgiveness with a broader audience, helping save many other young lives.  

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