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Accompagnateur Workshops

Accompagnateur Workshops

Saskia Keeley

Saskia Keeley Photography (SKP) runs Accompagnateur Workshops, photography workshops in which participants unpack decades of fear and bias through the simple yet profound acts of looking and listening for both NGOs and corporate clients.  The Accompagnateur Workshops guide and teach participants to see members of different cultures and communities with clarity and compassion. Assigning each participant to photograph “the other” breaks barriers and provides the chance to literally see one another from a new perspective. SKP’s primary purpose is to conduct more of these workshops in areas where they can help start global conversations oriented toward peace and coexistence (as in Saskia’s work with NGOs like Roots and Taghyeer in the West Bank) and within divided communities (collaborating with NGOs like Pico Union Project in Los Angeles, the Women’s Prison Association in New York City, and S.T.R.O.N.G Youth on Long Island).  Saskia also partners with humanitarian organizations to share their valuable work with the world, including Leaders’ Quest (India), the END Fund/Amani Global Works (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Roots and Taghyeer (West Bank), and We Love Reading (Jordan).

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