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Open City Acting Studio

Open City Acting Studio

Project Director: Alani iLongwe

The Open City Acting Studio Incubator Program is a 6-month curriculum for a cohort of 12 students focused on the development of participants into "360 degree artists", filling in the gaps of similar university and independent acting school programs who are singularly focused on craft.

Through the Incubator Program, participants will develop marketing, writing and producing skills, alongside acting courses, that will enable them to articulate their vision, create their own content, and have the knowledge necessary to achieve their long-term goals within the industry. The Incubator Program will be offered to two distinct age groups: Youth (aged 13-17), in preparation for the college audition process and to introduce a range of roles within the industry and adults (18+), as an affordable alternative to college or as a practically-oriented complement to previous craft-focused training.

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